Thaksin launched this website under the motto "The Truth Shall Set You Free" to counter the junta's charges against him.

Learn the Real Truth About the Ouster of Thaksin Shinawatra


On 19th September 2006, the military led by General Sonthi Boonyaratglin staged a coup d'etatin the name of the Council for Democratic Reform, while Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the democratically elected prime minister of Thailand, was on a state visit to the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The military claimed the following four reasons as being the rationale for the coup d'etat:

  • Corruption by Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra's government;
  • Certain actions of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra which constitute lese majesty;
  • Government intervention of independent public organizations; and
  • The administration by the Government of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra caused disagreements among the public.

Immediately after the coup d'etat, martial law had been announced, and remains still enforceable in a major part of the Kingdom. Further, according to the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 7, any political gathering by 5 persons or more is prohibited, and any violation of this ban shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or fined not exceeding 10,000 Baht, or both.

Later on 24 th September 2006, according to the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 22, the Council again emphasized that no gathering whether in favour of or against the Council shall be done until further notice by the Council.

Although the junta appointed government claims to hold elections soon, the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 15, which prohibits any political meeting or gathering as well as setting up any new political party, remains in force.

The Constitution of Thailand, which had been drafted and enacted by democratic means in 1997, has been revoked, so was the Constitutional Court . The other Courts of Justice, according to the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 3, shall continue to perform their judicial roles subject to the laws and orders of the Council for Democratic Reform.

On 20 th September 2006, General Sonthi Boonyaratglin has issued the Announcement on the Appointment of the Leader of the Council for Democratic Reform by which his Majesty the King has appointed him as the Head of the Council for Democratic Reform.

Freedom of expression or opinion is no longer available in the Kingdom as the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 5 came into force on 20 th September 2006, authorizing the ICT Ministry to ban, suspend or block any message, news or information distributed in any form which may affect the Democratic Reform as conducted by the Council.

According to the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 5 the Council for Democratic Reform welcomes student participation in politics and particularly their participation in the upcoming general election.

The Council for Democratic Reform, by taking into account the distress of the farmers and workers, issued the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 6 considering measures to help to alleviate the hardship of the farmers and workers. However, due to national security concern, workers and farmers are requested to remain calm and not to engage in any activities seeking remedies at the moment nor are they allowed to make any demands.

By the Order of the Head of the Democratic Reform Council No. 24/2549, it was resolved that the Council for Democratic Reform agreed to appoint Mr. Charan Pakdithanakul as the permanent secretary to the Ministry of Justice.

According to the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 29 the Auditor-General shall remain in office until 30th September 2007. Within 90 days after the current Auditor-General vacates her position, the selection and appointment process shall be completed. During such selection process, the current Auditor-General shall provisionally continue to perform the duties of the State Audit Commission and the Auditor-General.

By virtue of the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 19, dated 22 nd September 2006, the Council for Democratic Reform re-enacted the Anti Corruption Law and appointed a new National Counter Corruption Commission.

According to the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 13, the Council for Democratic Reform, in order to have elections, ordered that the Organic Law on the Election Commission shall continue to be in force and also appointed an Election Commission. However, please refer to Announcement by the Council of Democratic Reform No. 15.

On 24 th September 2006, the Council for Democratic Reform, considering that the coup d'etat was staged due to alleged corruption by Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, issued the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 23 establishing an Asset Examination Committee. The members of the Committee are various senior government officials such as the Attorney General, the Governor of the Bank of Thailand, the Secretary General of the SEC, the Secretary General of the Anti Money Laundry Committee etc.; Mr. Sawat Chotephanich was appointed as the Chairman of the Committee.

However, on 30th September 2006, the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No.23 was repealed and replaced with the Announcement by the Council for Democratic Reform No. 30. All the members of the Asset Examination Committee were replaced by another group of persons. The scope of work of the Asset Examination Committee has also been expanded.

Return of Democracy to Thailand
Statement by Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra at the Foreign Press Association on Wednesday 25th September 2007

Thank you all for coming this evening, and thank you as well to the Foreign Press Association for hosting this meeting.

In a few minutes I will be pleased to respond to your questions, but I will begin by making a short statement.

My reason for speaking with you tonight is twofold: to talk about the democratic deficit in Thailand, one year on from the overthrow of my democratically-elected government in a military coup, and one year on from the overthrow of Thailand's most democratic constitution. And to talk about my future plans

At the time of the coup, I was in just the second year of my second term in office. When I was first elected Prime Minister in 2001, my party won more seats in the Thai parliament than any party had ever won before. When I was re-elected in 2005, my party won in an even bigger landslide. Voter turnout was the highest in Thai history.

Since the overthrow of my government, the military junta has acted in the interests of a small group of urban elites and not in the interests of the people Thailand as a whole. It ripped up the "People's Constitution" and replaced it with a text designed to preserve military power and stifle legitimate democracy.

The international community has ignored the events in Thailand over the past year.

Promised a democratic election by the junta, it has chosen to remain largely uncritical of the Thai military.

However, if the junta does not hold an election as promised, it will no doubt be condemned by the international community. The junta clearly believes that if it holds an election that appears democratic, even if it is not in substance, the international community will continue to look the other way.

The Thai people have had to suffer in silence, and wait patiently for the promised return of the democracy and prosperity they deserve.

But a democratic election is not worthy of the name unless it is carried out to the strictest of international standards.

When I was Prime Minister, I ran a government that promoted and defended free and fair elections. I hope the military junta and the next government will do the same.

The new government must govern for the many, not just for the few.

The junta has devoted a great deal of effort to creating the mechanisms and machinery it needs to accuse me and my family of crimes we did not commit.

I am innocent of all the alleged charges, and I will defend myself vigorously in the proper way, in the proper place, at the proper time.

I am a patriot. I love my country, I love my King, and I love the Thai people. And this is the greatest year in the modern history of Thailand as we will be celebrating the 80th birthday of His majesty The King.

Thailand is blessed to live under the patronage of His Majesty, the King.

This year of celebration is not a time for me to become a cause of division and dispute. What matters to me is that ALL Thai people are able to vote in a democratic election including those in the 35 Provinces governed by martial law.

I want every Thai who has a vote to exercise that vote in order that they get to live in a country governed by a properly elected government with the support of the people.

My fondest wish is to return home to Thailand with my family. When I return, I will do so as a private citizen.

The year of military government will be a hiccup in history and an elected government will be in office.

I am a businessman who turned to politics because I felt I had the ideas and drive to change Thailand for the better. I am confident that when the dust settles history will look favorably on the many advances and innovations that my Government brought to Thailand. But I have nothing further to prove in politics and do not aspire to hold political office again.

My future lies in business and philanthropy, both in Thailand and internationally. And I think that is how I can best help my country

I am enjoying my life in The UK.

As you know I have recently bought Manchester City Football Club. It is something to which I am fully committed for the long term. Nothing would please me more than for Sven Goren Eriksson to lead Manchester City to The Premiership title and to bring the fans the success they deserve.

In conclusion, the people of Thailand need and want a new government;

They want freedom, personal and political freedom;

They want stability and peace;

They want the potential prosperity offered by democracy;

Above all, the Thai people want a fair society, governed democratically in accordance with the Rule of Law, governed for the benefit of all.




I remember this time very well since I was working with my team of Salesforce crm customization specialist for a very demanding NYC client. We were implementing the cloud based Salesforce platform, training their organizations/ company workers to use Salesforce, as well as do Salesforce customization when some appropriate customizations were necessary. If you are not familiar with Salesforce, it is an amazing cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service that organizations and businesses have embraced enthusiasticall. Its technology is used to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support for everyone. All the papers in NYC in September 2006 had headlines shouting about the overthrow in a military coup of Dr.Thaksin Shinawatra. He was accused of corruption and abuse of power. A telecommunications billionaire, Mr Thaksin was the first prime minister in Thailand's history to lead an elected government through a full term in office. Although he was enormously popular, especially among the rural poor, he proved a divisive figure and was deeply unpopular among many of Bangkok's rich elite. He obviously felt outraged and was determined to let the world know about it. I later found this website when I was doing a search about what had happened to Dr.Thaksin Shinawatra. Apparently this website's domain registration expired after Dr.Thaksin Shinawatra moved on with his life. The site disappeared from the web. Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website.

What this site documents, the overthrow of Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra and his attempt to bring to international attention his people's plight, should not be forgotten. Too many times the international community ignores events in Thailand. Please view this site's presented information in its historical context.